Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Meet the Media Services Group partners: Bill and Mike Lytle

Continuing in the New Year to introduce you to my partners at Media Services Group, please meet Bill and Mike Lytle in Kansas City. Bill was with us at Chapman Associates and was one of the co-founders of MSG twenty years ago.

Bill is our "senior statesman." In his 50 plus years in both radio and television, Bill has been involved in announcing, sales and management. He served as the General Manager at KXTR-FM and the Sales Manager at both KMBZ-AM and KNBC-AM, all in Kansas City.
Bill received his B.A. degree from Northwestern University and performed his graduate studies at the University of Kansas, where he spent 15 years as a guest lecturer in Strategic Sales (and where he remains a die-hard sports fan). Bill is an experienced specialist in station management consulting and sales consulting.

Like father, like son. Bill's son Mike also works in our Kansas City office. Mike received his degree in Psychology from the University of Kansas in 1978. After spending a large portion of his professional career in the computer consulting industry, he moved into the broadcasting arena. Prior to station brokerage, he was involved in radio sales, broadcasting and production work in the Kansas City market.

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