Friday, November 21, 2014

Welcoming Bill Cate to Media Services Group

I got into the brokerage business in 1987 after working on the station side for many years.  Bill Cate hired me at Chapman Associates and provided great training on "how to be a broker."

With that bit of history in mind, I am delighted to announce that Bill is joining Media Services Group.  We have now truly gotten the old band back together.

The formal press release stated, “He brings with him a background of station ownership, as well as 36 years of media brokerage.  Bill is the former co-owner and president of Chapman Associates, and brings a wealth of knowledge to our group.”  

About joining our team, Bill added, “I am extremely pleased to be joining Media Services Group. Many of the partners go back to my days with Chapman Associates, and it’ll be great to be back working with them. I believe there is strength in numbers, and Media Services Group offers the widest diversity of brokerage services to our industry. I look forward to the affiliation and believe it will enable me to better serve my clients with greatly expanded resources, much more than operating as a standalone media broker.”

Bill will continue to work out of the Little Rock area.  You can contact him at:


Media Services Group