Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Meet the Media Services Group partners: Bob Heymann

Bob Heymann is a hard core Tar Heel fan. He is also a darn good broker.
Highlighting my partners on the occasion of MSG's 20th anniversary, I would like to focus on Bob, who runs our Chicago office. Prior to opening that office, Bob spent 24 years brokering radio and TV stations from coast to coast with a total aggregate value in excess of $500,000,000.

A few of his record setting transactions include:
•Sale of WNIB-FM (now WDRV) Chicago for $165,000,000
•Sale of WPNT-FM (now WILV) Chicago for $75,000,000
•Sale of KOMA AM&FM Oklahoma City for $54,000,000
Among his other business enterprises, Bob was co-founder and chairman of the nation’s first broadband cable system and chairman of the largest telecom information company partnered with Pacific Bell (now AT&T).
Prior to beginning his brokerage practice, Bob managed KQAK San Francisco and previous to that, he held management positions and consulting relationships with some of the largest broadcasters in America including NBC, CBS, and Evergreen Media.
Bob got into broadcasting early (becoming interested at 14 years old!) and was one of the youngest people ever to receive a First Class Radio Telephone Operator License from the FCC.

Bob has a B.S. degree from the Kenan-Flagler School of Business at his beloved University of North Carolina. He regularly makes the trek to Chapel Hill to attend ballgames. Go Heels!

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