Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Five things you can do today to launch a successful 2010

Here are five things you can do today (or Monday after the holiday) to launch the New Year:

1. Place sales recruiting ads on-air, with your EEO sources, and in LinkedIn Jobs (all at no cost) to hire two new salespeople. Budget permitting, put classified ads in the trades.

2. Set up Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts for each of your stations and link them to your websites. Put someone in charge of keeping them relevant (even if it is you!).

3. Schedule face-to-face appointments with your five biggest advertisers to find out about their needs in 2010.

4. Dump "national" PSA's and replace them with PSA's from local organizations.

5. Invest in sales training (available through your state association, consultants, or the RAB).

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