Thursday, May 10, 2012

Looking for your first radio station acquisition?

As station trading activity has picked up, we have developed a good inventory of small market stations and clusters in the southeast. Several of these are ideal “first stations” for a prospective buyer looking to get into radio station ownership.

Station prices are at the most affordable level in decades. Seller financing is back in vogue. And business overall appears to be picking up.

Though are larger deals are still on a “call for information” confidential status, here are some opportunities targeted toward budding entrepreneurs:


• FM and AM with translators.


• FM in coastal market. Includes real estate.
• FM and AM with positive cash flow.
• Three FMs.

North Carolina

• FM and AM in resort market.
• FM in coastal market with positive cash flow.
• Bargain priced FM in small market.

Puerto Rico

• AM in coastal resort market.
• FM in the west.

West Virginia

• Two FMs and Two AMs in growing market.

If you have sufficient equity for a down payment and working capital, please email your interest(s) to me and I will send the appropriate Non-disclosure agreement. For other areas in the country, check out our Classifieds page.

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