Saturday, October 10, 2009

Station trading coming back to life?

Just a week ago, I formed a new group on LinkedIn (Radio/TV Station Buyers). I posted a few discussion topics, added some news feeds, and emailed a handful of broadcasters on LinkedIn to join. The "mission" of the group is simple:

"Dedicated to assisting broadcasters and first-time-buyers to successfully value, structure, finance, and purchase radio and television stations.

Members are encouraged to share news, information, and ideas on acquiring radio and television station businesses."

Now, just seven days later, the group has 73 new members. Many are existing station owners; some are broadcasters looking to acquire their first station. Frankly, I'm astounded. Reading the daily headlines, one gets the impression that broadcasting is "over." Certainly, we have our challenges, compounded by a soft economy, an even softer ad market, and an absolute lack of credit. But if the rapid growth of our little group on LinkedIn is any indication, there is still plenty of interest out there in building broadcasting businesses.

If you fall into that category, join us on LinkedIn:

And finally, as with any social group, it is only as good as the input from its members. Please contribute your thoughts, news and ideas. We all want to hear from you.

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