Friday, April 24, 2009

Old Meets New: Priceless

As the radio industry struggles to find its place in a new media world (with all of the buzz centered on the digital universe), do the radio industry leaders "get it?" After spending much of this week at the NAB Show, I believe that a few do and many don't. The radio business is just not going to be like it was . . . ever again. So if you are struggling to understand what is really going on with our listener communities (and our advertisers), here are a few quick, easy, and cheap suggestions. Try them, and at least you will be able to converse with the black tee-shirt crowd.

Kids simply do not have the same passion for radio and TV that we, the Boomers, had when we were growing up. My focus group (daughters ages 16, 19, and 22) gets their music from multiple sources. And they live via texting, Facebook and iTunes. They are tired of hearing the same dull crap on the radio.

So here is your investment to teach the old dog a few new tricks:

1) Buy an iPhone. Cost: $300

2) Sign up a Twitter account Cost: FREE
Search a subject (try your home town or "Radio") and follow some people.

3) Start a Facebook page. Cost: FREE

4) Read "What Would Google Do?"
Cost: $17.81

5) Set up a My Yahoo or Alltop page with relevant news and blogs. Cost: FREE

6) Seek out and listen to your programming people and make a few local sales calls while you're at it. Cost: FREE

7) Start thinking about how to program your station(s) to get your listening communities truly involved. Cost: PRICELESS

Those are my thoughts . . . what are yours?

Media Services Group