Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Call to Action to the NAB and RAB

It has been reported that Clear Channel's most recent round of expense cuts includes Kimberly Cutchall's world-class training program. If true, this is a huge loss for the radio industry and an equally large opportunity for the NAB and RAB.

If there ever was a time for professional training and development in radio, it is now. The need is particularly dire in the sales departments, where qualified sales candidates are hard to find in all market sizes.

The NAB and RAB should seize this opportunity to capture a major industry resource: make a deal with Kimberly and her team, as well as Clear Channel, to take over and run the training business. And the industry should commit to supporting it by training personnel on an ongoing basis. Perhaps the state broadcasting associations can lend financial support as well.

We can't ignore radio's talent drain to new media and nine years of flat to declining revenue.

David and Jeff: What do you say?

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