Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stephan Sloan: "There are now more streams than listeners online."

For the last three years, Jim Hooker has invited a group of broadcasters, brokers, researchers and consultants to Hilton Head Island for a discussion on the future of radio. I am pleased to have worked with Jim in putting together the group. Each year has yielded a lot of forward thinking about the radio industry.

One of my partners at Media Services Group, Stephan Sloan, has been a participant in the meetings, and this year made a presentation about streaming. He told the group that in 2007, half of all Internet listening was being done to 81 of 10,000 streams. In 2011, the data shows that half of all listening will be done to 161 streams, but there are now more streams than there are people listening to the Internet.

Stephan also addressed the relationship of retail sales to radio revenue, which he’s been tracking since 1980. In 2000, at the peak of the business, radio was doing over .6% of retail sales in revenue. In 2010 it was only .34%, and the forecast is almost flat going out to 2013.

For additional information about the conference and Stephan's remarks, click PRESS RELEASE. For a look at Stephan's presentation on video, click VIDEO.

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