Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Guest Blogger Stephan Sloan: What was that Noise?

I found this announcement yesterday afternoon: Round 22 was delayed. Interesting. 

The FCC stated:

"We are taking this step because bid processing for round 21 is still underway. We will post the results of round 21 when bid processing is complete." 

The computing tools I have used to simulate the Reverse Auction progress more slowly as it reaches the later rounds. It is oversimplification but the more activity (freezing/repacking) that takes place per round the more time required to process the calculations. More CPUs will not make the calculation go more quickly only faster processors will help and I'm assuming we are all using the fast stuff. 

Maybe Round 21 saw a spike in activity. Perhaps we are finding out that the conduct of the Reverse Auction will take somewhat longer than advertised -- not due to the participation of bidders but what is required to conduct this complex task. 

Stephan Sloan
Director, Media Services Group