Friday, August 20, 2010

MSG transactions for the first six months of 2010

The bad news is that is was a very slow first half of station trading. The good news is 1) it was a lot more active than a year ago, and 2) things are shaping up nicely for the second half. Here are the transactions announced by Media Services Group for the first six months (Note: we used BIA estimates of revenue):

Sale Announced: 01/10
Calls: WMNE-AM (now WHTY-AM)
Buyer: Travis Media
Seller: Radio Disney
Market: West Palm Beach-Boca Raton
Market Rank: 47
Price: $500,000
Gross Revenue (BIA): $150,000

Sale Announced: 3/10
Calls: FM CP
Buyer: Chadrad Communications Inc.
Seller: Big Cat Broadcasting, LLC
Market Rank: Unrated
Price: $85,000
Gross Revenue (BIA): N/A

Sale Announced: 2/10
Buyer: Moreland Properties, LLC
Seller: NCR Broadcasting Inc.
Market: Denver-Boulder
Market Rank: 20
Price: $5,000,000
Gross Revenue(BIA) : $800,000

Sale Announced: 3/10
Calls: KDJQ-AM
Buyer: Iglesia Misionera Pentecotes, Inc.
Seller: KDJQ, LLC
Market: Boise, ID
Market Rank: 100
Price: $325,000
Gross Revenue (BIA): N/A

Sale Announced: 4/10
Calls: WCKZ-FM, FMW204BF
Buyer: Star Educational Media Network
Seller: Northeast Indiana Public Radio
Market: Orland, IN
Market Rank: Unrated
Price: $225,000
Gross Revenue (BIA) : N/A

Sale Announced: 5/10
Calls: AM CP
Buyer: Acme Broadcasting III
Seller: Pamplin Broadcasting Inc.
Market: Reno, NV
Market Rank: 121
Price: $20,000
Gross Revenue: N/A

Sale Announced: 7/10
Buyer: Big Toe Communications, LLC
Seller: Independence Media Holding, LLC
Market: Peoria
Market Rank: 150
Price: TBA
Gross Revenue: $1,350,000

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