Saturday, December 12, 2009

How to follow this (or any other) blog

If you would like to keep track of this blog (or most others), you generally have several options:

1. You can subscribe to the RSS feeds. Click on "Subscribe To" (right column) and you'll be given a choice to "Add to Google," "My Yahoo," etc. You can subcribe to the posts and/or the comments. This is probably how most people track their blogs.

2. You can "Follow." See the "Followers" section below right. Click on "Follow." You will then be prompted to select Google, Twitter, or Yahoo. I prefer to use the Google Reader. Don't have a Google account? Click "Create a Google account." It just takes a few seconds and is a pretty handy tool.

3. Finally, and my preference, you can use Google Reader. Just click "Add a subscription" in the upper left hand side of your screen, and past in the URL (

Of course, you can alway just bookmark your favorite blog pages directly into your browser.

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